I would argue the turnovers are similar to Mora's penalties...lack of fundamentals. It seems like regardless of head coach there seems to be an underlying issue in the culture of the team. I don't want to write a book, but look at the start of the BCS era and UCLA being ranked #1. It was all an illusion. Now compare to the culture at Utah, or I hate to say it, Ohio State. I don't know where it stems from but it seems we can all point at examples from over the years.

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It’s the financial situation that will keep Kelly around, not whether or not he deserves to stay. Given the huge deficit in the Athletic Department, I don’t see anyone pulling the trigger on Chip Kelly. Kelly could resign on his own, I suppose. Absent either of those scenarios, I hope to see more offensive and defensive improvement and some victories on the field. If not, the rebuilding of the program will hit 25 years!

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Building a winning culture takes time.

When we lost to Colorado this season I was very disappointed. However, after our last 2 performances I am very pleased where the program is heading. We drubbed CAL and lost to Oregon (Best team in the Pac 12) by 3 points with a backup FRESHMAN QB. Yes, I am a moral victory guy because I believe it indicates the true status of the program.

When Chip took over he cleaned house and tore the program down to the studs so he could start fresh. This rebuild is going to take time but I like where we are heading and am very optimistic about the rest of the season.

Go Bruins!

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