This is supposed to be a rebuilding year but the wheels came off the engine in myriad ways. I have nothing more to say other than looking ahead to the next season, hoping it will be a better one. After all, there is always tomorrow to look forward to, paraphrasing Maureen O'Hara.

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I live in NC so stayed up late to watch but turned off the game at the end of the first half--not worth losing my sleep. The number of uncontested threes given up were more than terrible--especially from a team whose trade mark is defense. Just nobody guarding the players and same plays over and over again. Four more games (and probable losses) and the season will be mercifully over. Taking Cronin at his word at the post game presser, he will find out which of his existing players wants and is able to play "tough" (I doubt he really will do try-outs) and will need to be taking a hard look at players in the transfer portal and possible recruits. To Dimitri's point, I know most of Cronin's players are young but by the end of the season, they should have matured and I have not seen that; in fact, they have regressed to some degree. Makes me think that if Cronin wants the type of "tough" player he mentioned, it will be from the transfer portal unless he gets a top recruit which is doubtful (most are committed by now and the lack of NIL money) or a diamond in the rough like Clark.

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This season is over. This team's problems goe way beyond youth, imho.

Remember these guys - the Fab Five at Michigan... Quoted from Wikipedia...

"The Fab Five were the first team in NCAA history to compete in the championship game with all-freshman starters. ...Ray Jackson, Juwan Howard, Jalen Rose, Jimmy King and Chris Webber."

Or how about this year's Univ of Kentucky team who are currently ranked 16th... Quote from Ben Roberts...

"The UK roster of 2023-24 features just one Wildcat who played major minutes last season and only three scholarship returnees, period. There are nine newcomers. Eight of those players are freshmen..."

Cronin has weaknesses and it's not just recruiting which is for sure a glaring weakness. But his iso offense requires 5 star players or at the very least multiple go to guys. And yes, playing tough defense requires players who natually have that mindset. We have neither.

But we also do not have an offense minded coach and he won't change his style. Unless the defense is outstanding and the offense has those 'star' iso players, we are not going to score enough points to win.

Recruiting issues. Lack of offense. Lack of toughness. Disaster. Cronin should take a good amount of blame for all of this - it's not just the players fault.

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Alfie was excoriated for his remark, "I can't shoot the ball for them," and it's become a running joke on TMB.

Earlier I stated that when CMC makes a similar comment, then we know it's all over.

Well, he finally said it: "I can't play for them."

Should CMC be held to the same standard, or is he above criticism?

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They can't shoot.

They can't play defense.

They aren't tough and are easily intimidated.

There are no leaders.

CMC himself has said that youth and inexperience are no longer excuses.

And that the team has low bb IQ.

The best players are leaving,

Only one offer has committed.

Exactly how will they be better off next season?

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[Upon being unranked preseason]

CMC: I could not care less what the media says about me.

Also CMC: I take it personally that they have ignored and dismissed my entire coaching record and achievements!

[Further on being unranked preseason]

CMC: I don't read what the sportswriters say about our team.

Also CMC: The writers have insulted the talent and potential of this strong group of players!

[Re the Wooden Rule "Never criticize, nag, or razz a teammate."]

CMC: I believe in and uphold the Wooden values.

Also CMC: These players are not very smart. They have low basketball IQ.

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The question: CMC or the kids don't listen? The don't show natural street b-ball savvy.

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It's too bad there's no coverage for the Bruins womens basketball team here. They've regained a #1 seeding for the tournament and they're peaking at just the right time. They actually run plays, they know their roles on the floor, and they're tough and energetic.

IMO, they should be able to ride the #1 seed into the Final Four. With the possible opportunities to play Iowa, OSU, Texas, a redemption game against Stanford, and with any luck, South Carolina, I'm looking forward to following the Bruin women do great things in the tournament.

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