Wow. No leaks is right. He was named a finalist just earlier this week. Got one of the top two candidates though and a really promising one at that!

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"This biggest question mark regarding Jarmond is his ability to hire a coach."

..and I would say that his *next* biggest question mark would be his ability to *fire* a coach -- particularly a revenue sport coach who might possibly be spinning down a vortex resembling a toilet bowl flush. (Hint: name rhymes with "smelly".)

Not thrilled because it doesn't look like -- how can I say this? -- a dazzling, big name hire. But I am aware of all the difficulties involved in that type of result and I bow to your experience, Dimitri, and sincerely thank you for doing the homework on this gentleman.

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"...it should be noted that Jarmond thrilled Boston College fans when he brought alcohol sales to BC’s stadium and arena."

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner. Beer makes Chip's football teams much more palatable.

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I'm optimistic. Though his Bball record at BC is pretty meh, I get the circumstances, and hopefully his background at Michigan and tOSU carries a lot weight with his approach to both football and basketball. Getting those two sports healthy and competitive and bringing in the fanbase is the key to everything.

Also, considering his roots with Mich, tOSU, and BC, I secretly hope he has aspirations of bringing hockey to Westwood.

This sort of strikes me like the Mick Cronin hire. It's not flashy on the surface, but there are a lot of positives and potential there. I'm rooting for him. Go Bruins!

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"Prior to that, he served as a deputy AD at Ohio State under Gene Smith for nine years, ultimately rising to the level where he directly oversaw football."

Looking at his LinkedIn, these are the jobs he held at OSU:

Deputy Director of Athletics, Chief of Staff / Jul 2016 – Jun 2017

Executive Associate Athletics Director - Administration / Nov 2012 – May 2016

Associate Athletic Director for Development / Nov 2009 - Oct 2012

That bears the question, what was Jarmond's involvement, if any, in the OSU's mishandling of wife beater Zach Smith? OSU failed on several opportunities to disqualify Smith from employment as an assistant coach although there is nothing to suggest that Jarmond was in any position to affect the decision making of hiring Smith, not once, but twice during that time period. Or was it a situation where Urban Meyer had complete unchecked and unbridled autonomy at OSU?

UCLA has had their own recent history of internal control failures (see Jorge Saucedo). Jarmond will have to devote some time to cleaning up Guerrero's mess. Hopefully these are topics of conversation at Jarmond's introductory press conference.

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Forgot to ask... Does Jarmond's hiring put UCLA in the game for Urban Meyer?

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Not going to get a home run hire anyways. But hopefully he does better than his predecessor despite an uninspiring resume.

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