We've had some incredible football games today! Texas A&M played Florida tight, and with 3:40 to go in a tied 38 all game, Gators fumbled, Aggies recovered and ran plays til 1rst and Goal with seconds to go, and kicked a FG to win, 41-38 (Over-rated!! clap, clap, clap-clap-clap!).

Then, LSU had it first and goal with less than a minute to go in the game, down 45-41, but Missouri decided to put up a goal-line stand, and their D shut down LSU and pulled out the win.

Next, Texas (playing at home) had first and goal with just seconds remaining in the game, down 31-24, scored and chose to go for 1 (playbook recommends this when playing at home), tying the game at 31 all end of regulation. 4 OTs (and 2 totally gassed Ds later), OK won the marathon 53-45.

Finally, down 28-27 with 28 seconds to go in game, Auburn QB fumbles the snap, recovers it then spikes it, while Arkansas D tries to recover spiked ball as a fumble, leading to a called intentional grounding penalty (and not a backward pass fumble) by Auburn, for a loss of down and 10 seconds taken off the clock. With 0:12 on the clock, after shanking a possible game-winner 2 minutes earlier, Auburn kicker makes the 39 yd FG for the win, 30-28. Expect to hear a lot about this controversial no-fumble call (Melsby was down!!).

Here's hoping the late afternoon games are at least half as entertaining!

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