Disappointing. The Faraimo injury really hurt UCLA’s chances.

I also don’t like the “cross-pollination” of teams within the two sub brackets. IMO, the #1 and #2 seeds should only face in the final, regardless if it is in the loser’s bracket. UCLA and FSU should have played each other again.

Help us, UCLA baseball, you are our only hope.

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So many of the revenue & non-revenue Bruin sport teams have already announced very impressive -4 and -5 Star recruits. Yet, I have read nothing about Coach Kelly Inouye-Perez's recruiting from either high school or the transfer portal. The softball team will desperately need one or two frontline pitchers. We saw excellent freshmen pitchers thruout the College World Series. But what is really needed are POWER hitters and not slap hitters.

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