I am thinking where you get your crack since the almanac only went to 2000.

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CFP committee idiots: Durr let's do this ranking....

1. Georgia

2. Tennessee

3. Ohio State

4. Michigan

5. LSU

6. U$C

7. Alabama

8. Oregon

9. Clemson

10. Ole Miss

11. TCU

12. Utah

13. Notre Dame

14. NC State

15. Penn State

16. UCLA

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It was a good win. The confidence is growing. The gritty will, the singular determination to beat your opponents - make them say uncle - was on full display yesterday. We are indeed peaking at the right time. As for DTR, the commentator nailed it. We are seeing shades of Cade McNown in DTR. I can go on but I won't be doing justice, calling a spade a spade without mentioning this intriguing, perhaps most delightful, Cinderella moment in the game. Guess what, it is NOT about our team. It was that fabulous catch by a Sun Devil player named ELIJAH BADGER !

If you knew me from the old bruin website, I was born and raised in Wisconsin. I came out west to UCLA for my undergraduate program when Bill Walton was a senior, king of NCAA hoops. Then Wisconsin offered me a full graduate scholarship to come home four years later. UCLA belatedly did so only when I was already home. So I am a badger PHD and a bruin BA. To see a Sun Devil badger caught a beautiful pass against the bruins ? Imagine that weird, unbelievable feelings. That it was an interesting episode in life is an understatement.

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