Trivia time: What was Karl Dorrell's first game as a college head coach?

Answer: U.C.L.A. vs CU, at Folsom Field in Boulder, Colorado. The more things change...

I was there and briefly met Karl's parents. Lovely people. The Buffs won 16-14. A crappy late PI call (oh, how I have NOT missed you SPTRs) kept a CU drive alive for the winning field goal.

Guess I won't be attending this one, though. Only a limited number of player families are allowed in. FU covid.

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I don’t understand the vitriol around Dorrell. As I recall he had the team in contention for the Rose Bowl in 3 of his 5 years. We didn’t beat SC in any of those years I’ll admit (the Reggie Bush years), and I’m pretty sure we lost to Wyoming in the Las Vegas Bowl one of those years. But no other coach since then has come anywhere near the Rose Bowl. Or maybe I’m misremembering, I am getting old.

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