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My brother texted me yesterday afternoon with the following:

--Is Chip Kelly supposed to have ucla ready to play Cal with 2 days notice? He can't do it with 7 days, or even with a whole off season.--

I was getting destroyed in the ER by the current wave of covid yesterday (well, it was Friday the 13th in 2020 in a pandemic, so...) and didn't even know the Utah game had been cancelled, let alone that we had a makeup game already scheduled with Bezerkely. So this was a sudden whirlwind of news to me, but after digesting it, I'm actually really excited about this game, and maybe even optimistic. We have never seen two teams at this level ("level" in air quotes for U.C.L.A.) meet with essentially no opportunity to scout or prepare for the opponent or to design and install either an offensive or defensive game plan. This is going to be really interesting to see two teams basically play each other cold. Even better, when you consider how poorly prepared our team typically is compared to our opponents, eliminating the Bruin coaching staff from game day preparations can only be a good thing for U.C.L.A. Cal has no chance!

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