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Great work, Dimitri. It’s nice to see some A’s.

I’ve learned not to disparage a good performance just because the test was too easy. I remember my first quarter at U.C.L.A. in Psych 10 with Carlos Grijalva (great prof and my favorite during my time). Dr Grijalva couldn’t attend the review session for our final, as I think his wife was having a baby, so his TA has to do it at the last minute with no prep. She was a bit overwhelmed by the situation, so in order to let us know what kind of things we could expect on the test, she essentially just read all the test questions to us.

We all did fabulously well, and the grade counted.

Opportunities like my Psych 10 final, or an overwhelmed UCB football team, don’t come along that often. Take the gift, enjoy it for a moment, and then get ready for a return to bigger challenges.

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