Thank you Joe and Gregg for providing we Bruins a place to hang with other fans and chat while we watch the game. You finally got to meet Joe! The internet is like that. I chat with folks I've known for more than ten years and have never met them, still I call them friends.

Go Bruins!

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..an interesting and unusual (but very entertaining) post-game column, Joeseph, and up to your usual excellent standards. But, after next week's last "pre-season" tune-up, one wonders how bright the mood of Bruin fans will be when and if things turn decidedly South?

I read the fine prognostications of Dimitrius (very sound appraisal), but cannot bring myself to proclaim our having arrived at the Elysium Fields of Mr Kelly's "Golden Era". Color me "guardedly ambivalent" -- especially with the Big 10 Debutante Ball a few years out and the attendant bloodbaths waiting in the wings.

On the horizon, I see a revenge-crazed Trojan mob sharpening their razor claws, waiting..waiting..waiting.

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It was great meeting you, too, Joe! And also DD and your NJ friends. And on a day I went to the the game and tailgated with a couple of my best friends from my own UCLA days, it was pretty cool seeing two new students connect for the first time and wondering who they will be reuniting with at games in 30 years. The beat goes on. Go Bruins!

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