..actually, that's not bad. I was thinking that, after that "semi-blowout", they'd get the old "Drano flush" to 20th or so.

What The Chipster has to do now is really gird his loins for one of those "Ye Olde Pharme Letdowns". You know, where those snotty little kids from Palo Alto traipse into town with their idiot band* and hang one on Da Broonz who are licking their wounds? Stanford tends to win one of those season-making-hat-trick-face-saving victories. So far, the Injuns beat up on some team from a toothpaste company, a mediocre Notre Dame, and one of the hapless 'Zona teams thus far.

(Parenthetically, I *loathe* Notre Dame. When they play USC, I just pray to the deity that a giant crevasse opens up and both teams AND ALL THEIR FANS fall in-- especially in South Bend with that Touchdown Hail Mary mural peering over the stadium rim. When I am in a foul mood, I just chug some cheap Bourbon, cue up the movie Rudy and yell obscene things throughout the whole flick!)

Anyway, if Chip doesn't pay attention, something like that can turn a decent 6-1 season into a death-spiral and a trip to the Toilet Bowl before you know it.

*Saw that stupid band do a half-time show once dedicated to "Office Supplies".

..for me, the highlight of my watching the "other" Big Game, was when Cal made that terrific run back ("The Play") and one of the Leland Stanford JUNIOR University Marching Band's tuba players got smashed by the guy with the football after running on to the field.

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The ranking is too high. They should be around 16 or 17 at best.

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