Interesting week as the top 20 teams home in on traditional rivals or loaded opponents. Grateful for Alabama and Tennessee making some headroom for us! Was reading Homer's Iliad (in Greek*) last evening as I listened to the Bruins me on KLAC and thinking we got this in the bag -- until the third quarter eventuated and the fade lasted through the fourth quarter. Someone's gotta tell them to keep the foot on the gas and run *through* the tape at the finish line.

But goddam'ed impressive them running up 402 yards rushing with Zach on the bench. The high season output of 507 yards wasn't any slouch either!

Hope that there's not one of those penultimate surprise-a-rinos that typically put the frost on the Bruins' pumpkin and knock us out of a New Year's Day bowl. Also, while I had penciled in USC as n "L" pre-season, I begin to see chinks in their armor. They let down against the KalBearz as USC also had gas pedal problems, giving up 21 points in the last quarter. They do not seem to be the massive juggernaut I had imagined them to be. I m getting the feeling that they can be had. At any rate, should be a whale of a game!

Who knows?

..just keep the pedal to the metal, Chipster.

*Actually, I was going through my old Mad Magazines compendia, but, to all intents and purposes, it was close.

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I dont get the logic behind lsu being #7 with two losses, outside of them being an SEC school. Theyre good dont get me wrong and they did just beat bama but feels like they should be more in the 10 range behind all the 1 loss teams.

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