UC Berkeley Golden Bears at UCLA Bruins Game Thread

If UCLA can tackle like this today, the Bruins could upset UC Berkeley. (Photo Credit: uclabruins.com)

In the 1983 movie WarGames, Matthew Broderick’s character faces off against a supercomputer which seems intent on starting a nuclear war. In the end, the computer concludes that “The only winning move is not to play.” When the Bruins, who were facing probable annihilation from the Utah Utes got a reprieve due to COVID-19, it was likely their only winning move.

Now, that the UC Berkeley Golden Bears have come to town in place of the Utes, it certainly feels that way. But, hey, as Yogi Berra said, “It ain’t over ‘til it’s over.” That means UCLA has sixty minutes of football to play before this week will be over and they can prepare for a visit to Eugene to face the Oregon Ducks.

Let’s look at the game time weather forecast.

Game Time Weather Forecast

It will be another Chamber of Commerce day at the Rose Bowl this morning! The forecast for this morning’s game is sunny and the temperature will be a mild 69° degrees at kickoff.

Look for it to warm up as the game progresses. The temperature should be about 75° around halftime and expect it to continue warming up to around 80° by the end of the game.

Listen to the Game With TMB!

The TuneIn player won’t embed here on Substack, but you can open another tab to listen to Josh Lewin and Matt Stevens call this morning’s game rather than having to listen to Aaron Goldsmith and Brady Quinn on Fox Sports 1. So, be sure to right-click on it so that you can open up another tab and have it going while you chat in the comments below. Listen to today’s game online.

Join your fellow Bruin fans discussing today’s game below.

This is your UC Berkeley Golden Bears at UCLA Bruins game thread.

Go Bruins!!!

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