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Utah's three point defense was atrocious. Juzang and Bernard's hot shooting helped a lot.

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Yeah, but how much more satisfying if the Bruins beat $C for the title. Just sayin’...

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UCLA has played a great game so far. About 2/3 through it. My brief notes on this game:

1. Tyger is playing pretty solid defense and is hustling a lot

2. Riley looks much healthier and hopefully getting back in shape

3. The offense seems to have abandoned tyger dribbling for the first 15 seconds of every possession and its fantastic! Passing the way they do and moving, forces switches that leads to mismatches and open looks. Hopefully they keep this up.

4. The offense looks so much better when a non tyger player pushes the ball quickly up the court. It again creates mismatches and confusion for the opposition when executed well which they have.

5. UCLA isn’t settling only for threes. They are looking down low first almost every possession

6. Juaquez posting up in the first half has worked really well. UCLA should do that more often.

7. UCLA defense has given some open looks defensively. Overall they are playing well and helping effectively and not over committing

8. Utah his missed some shots badly

9. Not a lot of fouls called in this game so far which makes it far more enjoyable

10. Riley has a great mid range outside jumper and has made 2-3 of em.

This game has been a joy to watch. Need to keep passing the ball around and creating mismatches I hope

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When Colorado lost to Utah in Utah this year, was either team short manned?

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