I thought that DTR played one of the best games of his career. He was solid. I think the punter ran to evade the rush, it was not a designed play.

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Chip just needs to fricking go. His play calling is ridiculous!

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My ultimate thought is if you are putting a lot of faith that Chip Kelly can continue to look good in a non-pandemic season, then I have a bridge to sell you. This is, most likely, as good as it gets for Chip.

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I understand wanting to go quickly on 4th and 1 on the 4th quarter drive. Appeared to me SC was confused, but apparently we were too. Once we stood there just waiting, looking over to the bench for a play signal to come from the bench- losing the intended effect of running the play quickly to begin with- shouldn’t we have called time out? We had three t.o’s and at the time it was a hugely important play. Also once we allowed SC to set up, a t.o. would have enabled Felton to get back in the game

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I would add the following to Joe’s game summary:

1. Play calling got very predictable in the fourth quarter, far too many obvious run calls that went for zero or minus yards. As well as DTR passed, Chip should have passed even more.

2. Don’t forget the kickoff return, which doomed us to, at a minimum, a game winning FG attempt by SC. Coverage team seemed unready for anything other than a touchback or fair catch.

3. Typically awfully Chip clock management. Despite three timeouts, UCLA was going too fast on the go ahead FG drive, making it so USC would get the ball back unless we got that third and three with about 1:00 left. Naturally Chip called an obvious run for no gain and USC had plenty of time to put their unstoppable passing game back out there needing only FG. Then Chip let too much time run off when USC got inside the 10 with 0:33 left. Chip ended up taking one timeout with him on the bus back to Westwood. It’s inexcusably poor game managing skills, just like the loss at Oregon.

This loss is squarely on Chip and staff, the players did well enough to win.

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The “tactical” genius of Chip:

After our FG to take the lead with a minute left, SC was desperate, so they ran back the kick off. It paid dividends.

After the SC TD with :17 remaining, UCLA was desperate. So did we do the same? No. We took the fair catch on the kick off, giving us one less opportunity for an explosive play.

Chip likes to take risks, no doubt (like running up the middle on fourth and two from our own 35); but he’s Gotta know WHEN to take risks, and Chip doesn’t seem to have this figured out.

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"Dorian Thompson-Robinson managed to evade the Southern Cal pass rush to heave the **bowl** downfield into the end zone..."

Joe, always enjoy your write-ups but just wanted to call your attention to the above; you might want edit for posterity. But I understand; I would have watched the end of this game but I had to get up and go heave into THE BOWL as well.

Also, I don't believe this loss actually counts in the perennial Big Game totals, does it? I mean, there were NO FANS in attendance so it was just a scrimmage, wasn't it? You know, like the other six scrimmages this year!

In point of fact, unlike the lovely and talented Ms Home (below), I am not nearly as enamored with DTR's performance this game, this year, and, in fact, his career. How many years does he have left with us? Three? Four? My how time flies when you're having fun! Or like the frogs say. "My, how time is fun when you're having flies."

While the kids must have been upset with SC last-minute game swipe, I am sure The Portly Pretender Coach had a wonderful post-game meal prepared for them by his catering service. You know, roasted Cornish game hen, chips, chocolate mousse, all the fixings, etc.

Cynically yours for a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!


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FWIW, just rewatched the game. Biggest coaching errors: leaving Felton out on 4th and 1 and special teams coverage on that KO return. The coverage was truly awful. I almost think that the players just assumed the game was over and SC wasn't going to be interested in winning the game. It's painful for Bruin fans to rewatch the game but except for the last 3 minutes, Kelly outcoached Helton.

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