I'm glad you focussed on the inside game. Other than Riley's hustle there's nothing there. Miles has clay feet. Something has to change. Jaime had six rebs and three assists, his hustle is coming back but not his shot. Tiger, Julez and Jaime a combined 7 for 27? Bench? what bench? Miles and Jake didn't take a shot. Who wants to play? Will someone besides Juze please step up?

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As I mentioned in the thread… Riley, nwuba, and Myles are all 4th and 5th year players! What gives, why are they so bad looking right now?

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Jan 21, 2022·edited Jan 22, 2022

I too have been disappointed in Myles' play. Not the aggressive, interior presence the Bruins need. He was billed as this amazing player, but with the exception of one game, I have not been impressed. Keep hoping for something to click with him...

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I railed heavily on ucla this game and some of the coaching that goes with it. I’ll take a step back by saying that playing Utah at home is not as easy as it seems… ever. Lots of other power teams struggling at this moment with the crazy covid issues we’ve seen. As terrible as the game was to watch, ucla still figured out a way to win, which is definitely something … maybe this can be the wake up call ucla needs.

Juaquez looked extremely out of shape and was gassed the whole game.

Riley had energy at the end of the game because he only played a few minutes being in foul trouble. He played with energy at the end and really was the turning point once he started playing. Some of this has to be the fact he was off for almost 3 months of no game play. He can turn it around but needs to stop the stupid fouls. He also needs to stop switching to cover a perimeter shooter. They need to more quickly switch back on defense and that hasn’t happened at all lately.

Myles has a great heart… he needs a coach that will teach him to toughen up a bit. Put some fight and meanness in him. He’s twice as big as little guards. Just post up, turn around and get nasty on offense. On defense, never get backed down… he’s the biggest guy on the court, no one should be able to back him down.

Nwuba is basically Myles Johnson without the long arms and blocking ability.

Tyger played better once Riley played better. But outside of that, tyger was abysmal with more turnovers than made baskets for most of the game. He’s too slow on defense to produce so poorly on offense.

Juzang played a great offensive game and looks ready to carry the team. I’m ok with that. He is slow on defense, but more than makes up for it when he’s shooting lights out

Jules needs to stop having the ball in his hands when the clock runs down. He’s not the guy, but for some reason they’ve decided he is. He’s also getting burned defensively very poorly multiple times a game.

Watson is still completely lost on offense most of the time. UCLA should try posting him up down low with his size and allowing him to get to the hoop. Instead they are content to let him shoot 3’s… stop it, his shot is sooo inconsistent at this point. On defense his footwork is awful. He gets beat to the basket and the jump shot and he has a foot on most of the guards… that worked in high school but isn’t working at the college level.

Singleton needs more play time. Unfortunately still in concussion protocol I’d assume. His defense is not great, but he opens up the floor offensively when he’s out there with juzang. Take some pressure off juzang to be the only option when Jules is stinking up the joint

What in the world happened to kyman? He looks lost everywhere on the court and looks like he hasn’t been coached at all.

Clark looks a lot better on both ends of the court. Not having him out there last night was probably one of the biggest reasons ucla struggled. He’s a very important defender when the offense isn’t clicking.

The inside game for ucla is crap! The bigs need better coaching. They all struggle to face the basket with good footwork and only Riley can pass the ball to his team when double covered. The rest of the post play is far worse then it’s been in a while

Glad ucla won, need to be better against cu next… a win is a win, hopefully ucla use this game as the turning point of the season

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Agree on Juaquez and especially Miles needing coaching. we haven had a "big" coach in ages since the era of the 'aircraft carrier is over'. Pshaw! Coaching!

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Baskets, I cannot argue. Their play against Utah was quite frankly, stupid.

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Gib! Too long since I’ve seen you! Hope all is well

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It’s Covid hangover. We’ll gel soon. It’s really like only the second game.

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LMAO. 5 games back and we're still throwing out that excuse.

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Ok but you haven’t said why it’s not a valid excuse.

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