Cronin needs to scrap that shitty zone defense.

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You talked about fitting a square peg into a circle for basketball for the coach. Could the same be said for football?

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I'm glad I didn't stay up for the game. East Coast time. No fire in anybody's belly? The team has given up?

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Thanks for a good summary dimitri.

Everybody has surely seen my wild emotional swings, they appear far too frequently then they should. With the dust settled I’ll try to put some thoughts down that I’ve had.... not that anyone really cares 😀

- mick is not alford. He is an actual coach. He’s a good coach. I just don’t think he is the coach to change the program. I see him as a step stone to a better future.

- mick has commented multiple times in press conferences this year that how UCLA starts the game is of no concern whatsoever. All that matters is the finish and a w. I completely disagree. This game is the epitome of why I feel that way. Start the game how you plan to finish it. This mind set needs to change... his players currently play the way he reminds in the press conference. Who cares how we start the game is what I see reflected in his team.

- these are not high quality or consistent players. They are 3 and 4 star players. Very inconsistent, low ceiling, low selfish players.

- Chris smith injury hurts, but other recruits are needed prior to this crippling the team

- did jalen hill and Jules give up? I think they have but time will tell

- UCLA should be one of the top 10 recruiting programs every year. No exceptions. Mick continues to recruit poorly by UCLA standards. If UCLA is a blue blood, they should have a top 10 recruiting class every year. So far, chips recruiting is more like chip Kelly. UCLA has the best player in all of California coming... big deal! Every state has a number 1 player. California isn’t the only state to play basketball. 1 recruit puts UCLA at 29th... that’s simply not good enough for me.

- why would any nba bound player come to UCLA? I actually have no idea. If I was headed for the nba, mick is not the guy I’d want to play for. Nobody in the nba hustles. They do run on offense and create for themselves. This team has no creativity. Mick prides himself on defense. UCLA is an under armor school. All nba players want a Nike contract. Many will argue with me here, but I don’t see the recruiting changing until under armor is gone...

That’s all... and sorry, next season won’t be better

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