Good summary, Dimitri.

In sports, there is the stuff you can control and the stuff you can't, and I hope our team is only worrying about what they can control. I feel like they played really hard and I'm really proud of how much adversity they overcame to make it a 3 point game late. Unfortunately, they just didn't make enough shots tonight. Johnny was coming back from covid so that may explain his subpar performance. Riley missed on 3 straight possessions down the stretch when he is usually pretty clutch. The team as a whole was ice cold from 3 and those lost points add up in a hurry. I feel like the team wasn't as aggressive or confident as they could have been on offense, esp in the fist half and AZ's size inside likely had something to do with that. So overall, those were a few factors that contributed to a rough performance on the road against a good and highly motivated team and so we came up short. The good news is all of those things are in our team's power to fix and I feel just fine about meeting those assclowns (see their post game act?) again in the Pac12 Tourney.

The things you can't control...I don't know how the officiating continues to be as horrible as it is year after year. AZ made 8 more free throws than we even attempted. That disparity wasn't remotely representative of how that game was played. MFSPTRs. The fact our guys cut it to 3 with that crap going on is even more respectable. Our guys played a gritty grinding game against a ton of adversity and I hope they take a lot of positives out of this performance.

Bring that effort and intensity, shoot better, and go beat ASU.

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