1. 80 yards. We’ll open up the playbook and let DTR do his thing

2. 320. Our offense will do a decent job of keeping the ball away from U dub, but Penix will do damage

3. We score 38

Attendance = 48k

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# 1. DTR will run for 2 first downs. And he will turn the ball over 3 times: fumbles, bad hand offs to backs, and interceptions. #2. Washington will pass for over 400 yards. See stats on prior games this year. Also this same coach at Washington out schemed UCLA at the Rose Bowl with less talent when he coached Fresno State last year. We got totally out coached on that loss. #3. 48000 attendance. 24000 will be Husky fans. Folks it is what it is.

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Oct 1, 2022Liked by Stephen Jacobs

So I think we’ll know more about the Bruins from this one game than the first four combined.

Offense looks good with the run option combo of DTR and Charbonnet, and while the receivers may not be at the level of Phillips and Dulcic from last year, but Allen, Bobo, and even Loya are coming along. The real question is the O line, and I’m very afraid UW will expose them with their Edge rushers. So, I think it’s a good offense, with the potential to be very good or just average depending on where the line shakes out.

On the Defensive side, it’s hard to read if they’ve just been holding back on the schemes given the level of competition, or if it’s actually a bland and conservative D. The pass cushions are a worry and the lack of pressure against the pass is also not great. My biggest concern though is how South Alabama ran the ball against us. If we can’t stop the run and our pass Defense is soft, this year is going to get ugly from here on. So, Defense looks poor, with an upside to average (acceptable?), and a downside to atrocious. So, despite a new DC and heaps of new faces, same as before.

After week 1, I would have thought special teams would be a mess, but actually they seem fine. After those mishaps, they’ve been competent, and even better in reacting to some trick plays.

I’m really worried we get embarrassed today, Penix may rip through this D, and if we fall behind I think the Pass blocking is suspect. We’ll see.

In the end, the biggest issue, as Dimitri has pointed out, is talent acquisition. USC always seems to recruit well, so a coaching change can turn the program around quickly, but I suspect we’ll have a hangover once Chip is gone. I really feel like calling him an OC rather than a head coach at this point.


1. About 70 yds forward but might lose 30 getting sacked.

2. 300-350, but with a healthy lead, UW may start to run the ball late.

3. 24


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Oct 1, 2022Liked by Stephen Jacobs

I've been thinking about you and yours, Stephen, and I sure wasn't expecting a PGG this week. Glad to hear you're safe and sound on this side of the storm.

1. 3

2. Ugh, 325. This matchup of their QB vs our pass D worries most of all.

3. 38. Hope that's enough tonight.

Bonus: 45K. LA peeps hate going anywhere on a Friday evening.

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Great meeting you as well. And what a game last night

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