Slight Return is one of my favorite songs, Hendrix or otherwise!

After last week’s performance I find it very hard to make any kind of educated guess. Anyway here goes:

1) under but close

2) 3 because the d-line is improving this week

3) Ima go with true, DTR gets healthy and bounces back

Bonus) 3 they just can’t help it!

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I'm not playing your reindeer games...this year has knocked by wind out.

However, I think be beat Udub. They are there for the taking. I wouldn't be surprised if it's a shoot out where they are pass happy and we run it down their throat. Vegas has them winning, but it's by 1.5 points! That's a push if ever I saw one.

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Great stuff as always, O. If we're talking Seattle, let me name drop two of my all time favorites, thhe mightily underrated Nevermore, and the almighty Queensrÿche.

1. Less

2. 2

3. False. DTR will go over 200 but that will not lead to a Bruin win.

Bonus 3

Go Bruins!!

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