I LOVED U2 back in the day, and this concert was why!

#1 - Am taking the under on this w/ 5....plus 3 FG's...if our rushing game was performing at last years level, I would go over

#2 - 6...really hoping our DL/LB figure some things out this week and can get pressure in backfield

#3 - I will go w/ McCown....cause why not.

Bonus: Yes, October...in honor of U2's 2nd album and one of the best songs from that concert....Gloria!

Rock On, Bruins!

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Sep 23, 2022Liked by Stephen Jacobs

Whatever you can say about Dorrell 35-27 was way better than what we have now. The more I look at this game the more it looks like a classic Kelly boof job. So I’m taking the under, give Mo 4+, I’ll go out on a limb and say McCown gets his shot, as to Dorrell I think he stays for another year.

Red Rocks story, I grew up there, there was a hippie riot in 1968 at a Jethro Tull concert so they didn’t have another rock band for like 10 years, and when they finally started up again it was America, so like soft rock. Jimi Hendrix and The Beatles played there. One of my first concerts ever was Sonny and Cher there maybe 1967? Back in the 70s you could sneak in by climbing Ship Rock and dropping down 10 feet. The roads there are a skateboarders dream, we used to go but only on the full moon so you could see any cars. The local cops took years to figure it out. Here’s to the sunny slopes of long ago!

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Sep 23, 2022Liked by Stephen Jacobs

Business first:

1. Over. 6

2. 5

3. Shrout

Bonus - Nope. Dorrell's buyout is an insane $8.6M, and it doesn't drop until Jan 1 2024 - 15 months from now. There is already all sorts of discord with athletics and the school going on, and the AD recently took to social media essentially to say his hands are tied (and basically inviting a private donor to step up with the buyout). CU is such a sad mess right now.

Red Rocks is about 15 minutes from my house, and I was there just 3 days ago showing a friend around. Everyone should make a trip to see their fav band play there at least once in their lives. The place is magic. And besides the amphitheater, theres great hiking and biking in and around the park.

Here's a back story on that legendary U2 Concert and film...It was really stormy earlier that day and the opening band got cancelled. That band was The Alarm. They became quite big later in the 80s and played a famous concert in 1986 on the quad between the Men's Gym and Dance buildings on the UCLA campus that was televised live on MTV. You can see the show here: https://youtu.be/Taq1pnJvT7s

Flash forward 29 years, The Alarm lead singer Mike Peters is the co-founder of a Denver-based charity called Love Hope Strength that gets people on the bone marrow donor registry, and he hosts a variety of fundraising hikes and treks and other events worldwide to raise money for the charity. Mike came to Red Rocks in Sep 2015 for a Love Hope Strength fundraising hike and the top fundraisers got to bring a guitar and play alongside him before and at the end of the day's hike. We started at the top of the famous amphitheater and Mike bittersweetly told the story of the rained out opening show, and then beamed and said that today he finally got to play Red Rocks - and I was fortunate enough to be among a group of 8 or so others who got to be his band that day. One of my favorite days ever.

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Sep 24, 2022Liked by Stephen Jacobs

1. Over, but good line, its a tough call

2. 6

3. McCown. The other 2 are really really bad, so not much to lose

If you're unhappy with the UCLA AD, you wouldn't believe how bad it is at CU. They're stuck with Dorrell for a while.

And Red Rocks is amazing. My favorite thing about it is watching artists perform there for the first time. They're awe struck and it turns into a special performance.

Go Bruins!

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