My guesses:

1. 31 carrries; 174 yards; one touchdown.

2. DTR plays, and has rushes 8 times for 48 yards. One touchdown.

3. The Ducks will record one sack.

Bonus: I'm taking the over. I think that Phillips has his best game this season.

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1. 27 carries, 225 yards, 3 TDs

2. Yes, 10 carries, 65 yards, 1 TD

3. 3 sacks

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1. 28, 161, 2td

2. DTR, 10 carries, 52 yds 1 td

3. 2 sacks


I really hope that the bruins show up to play, and last week was more a product of them making adjustments, as opposed to Cal just being a bad team running a new offense.

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I’m not too optimistic...

1. 40, 250, 3TD

2. Yankoff starts with 1.5 days of prep, gets 8 carries for 20 yds, 0 TDs

3. 2 sacks

Bonus: under.

I swear that Everclear stole that line about swimming past the breakers and watching the world die from me. No joke. I used those exact words to my old roommate Eric as we were floating in the Pacific off Manhattan and looking in disbelief at the cloud of smoke hanging over the city on the day after the Rodney King riots. One of those guys must have been swimming beside us. I’m not mad, but I would have written a better guitar lick.

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