1) 25, 265, 4

2) 140 rushing 150 passing. Not a good day for Bruins defense.

3) Late, 44-24

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All my guesses are wrong....so in that spirit, here goes:

1- Chip inexplicably decides to feature the Passing game with DTR coming off an injury and completely ignores obvious mismatch: 20 rushes between Zach and Brit for 175 yds...but, 3 TD's

2- CU offense: 110 rushing, 175 passing

3- UCLA covers...38-20

Bonus: 47, 500

Never heard of Alter Bridge, but I already like them more than Creed....so great selection Gbruin!

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If you'd like to hear some more...go youtube One Day Remains, Blackbird, and Cry of Achilles to get a feel. \m/

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Nov 13, 2021Liked by Stephen Jacobs

Best PGG song choice ever! ;-)

Sincerely, thanks for the nod, Steve. It's kind of you to remember a retired blogger living in exile. Or maybe CU just doesn't inspire much else, haha.

1. 24 for 200 and 3 TD

2. 260 yds. CU's new QB showed some decent signs last week

3. Yes. U.C.L.A. 30, Colorado 13 We aren't losing to Karl Dorrell, right?

Bonus 56K

Final note on my band...Like this song, a lot of Alter Bridge songs deal with the difficulties we face in life but still urge their listeners to find the strength to keep fighting and be true to themselves. Their music and message has legit helped me navigate a lot of dark times, times far darker than what U.C.L.A. Football has ever brought. And having met the guys on many occasions, they are truly humble and kind and genuine people. AB4Life. Go Bruins!

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