Tough game to watch. A win is a win!

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This week shows that we can now win On the road with offense when our defense is lacking, and defense when shots aren’t falling.

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Sad ending to the PAC 12...survive and advance I guess is the takeaway..at least the game was on FOX so I got to watch for once!

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I know what happened to the Bruin offense in the second half......I started watching the game. We had a 14pt lead, 18min to go, I plop down after a long day recover.....and the rest is history.

Sorry Mick, it was me.

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I'm very sad to see this rivalry end. I remember a Cal game in Pauli. The band was to my left theirs to my right. One of our band guys stood up and yelled "Hey Cal, it may be your song, but this is how it goes!" Bump bump bump ah bumpa bump ah... Great times!

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Yeah, that 2nd half sure was U-G-L-Y for U-C-L-A. Same type of unevenly played game you'd expect the Bruins to lose earlier in the year, but fortunately they barely escaped with the victory. Bona can easily bully his way around the basket on offense, but wish he could develop a softer shooting touch close in like Mara. Can't wait for the latter big man to fully develop his game. Anyway, if the Bruins don't face Cal in the Pac-12 tourney, the rivalry ends on a winning note (unlike the football dumpster fire under Chip Alford). And although both schools share the same fight song, the Bruins have the better version. Go Bruins!

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I love admitting I was wrong, even moreso i love saying I never gave up!

A lot of comments earlier this year, on YouTube even videos aren't aging well!

It's just games, entertainment. Some go as far as saying it's bread and circuses!

“The evil was not in bread and circuses, per se, but in the willingness of the people to sell their rights as free men for full bellies and the excitement of the games which would serve to distract them from the other human hungers which bread and circuses can never appease.” - Marcus Tullius Cicero.

I love sports! But I try not to let it be bigger or more important than reality.

I hate politics, divide and conquer!

We're all brothers and sisters yet

'Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.'

I hate msm even more than politics!

Not trying to cause arguments, just add a little perspective at least from my point of view.

I think we're going dancing

From the round of 68 to the final four again?

Probably not. But just to make it, would be a great accomplishment and a lesson to play every play, never give up, and the only time we truly fail is when we give up or don't try and give it our all. I tried to convey this message years ago when the ladies went to the NIT and was harshly rebuffed!

I personally hate/strongly dislike the era of everyone gets a trophy.

It undermines true competition and drive to improve.

I like meritocracy!

Go Bruins!

All bruins. Caught the last 2 innings of the women's softball game against Texas! We lost but those ladies didn't give up in the bottom of the 6th down 3-0.

I'll add one last thing.

You have to choose to be offended.

It's awfully easy these days to look for things to be offended by.

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It was amazing to see the team play. Will miss being able to see the Bruins when they play in the Bay Area. Glad we got the W today. Oh and I got to meet Josh Lewin after the game. The guy is a legend.

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The kids found a way to win. I have no expectations with regards to the Big Dance. It could happen. However, after the loss to Utah, I didn’t know if Mick’s coaching would take hold with this group. I didn’t know if we’d get to 10 wins. So, I’m just enjoying the progress. Watching Andrews, Lazar, Mack, Bona and others improve is fun in itself. Now, we can see the growth in Mara. Fun stuff.

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We'd have to win the pac-12 tournament to get to the big dance. But this year's pac 12 is wide open, so it's definitely possible.

The only "elite" team in the pac is Arizona but even they can be beaten.

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Also I am amazed that we have a top 30 defense on kenpom right now. Coach has done a great job instilling defensive principles on a young team.

Offense has been hit or miss but D is this team's calling card.

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I have to post one more comment about the PAC 12. I'm 65 and I've been following it my entire life. I'm heartbroken over its demise and furious with the people that killed it.

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Where's the crowd that was talking about Mick being a bad coach about a month ago? I still think this is a bad roster, but what he's done with it is even more evidence that Mick is an elite college basketball coach. What he's done with Stefanovic and Andrews the last month is nothing short of remarkable.

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"Good teams win when the ball doesn't go in the basket. That's who we were last year. That's the way we've always been."

[On BWill] "He needs a full off-season of strength and conditioning to develop his body."

Re those 2 points, an off season of 500 shots and 100 ft per day a la Steph are needed, too. Eventually, teams don't win when they can't put the ball in the basket. But remarkable improvement it's been. Who among us hasn't had Laz and Dylan in the doghouse earlier.

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Had to watch most of it later (and managed to avoid the score!) - hated to see us back to ice cold shooting in the second half but glad to see another milepost of growth passed: being resilient on the road, withstanding the runs and losing the big lead to make the plays in the end game to win it. Also glad to see Mara looking more and more like he's finding his footing (and footwork).

I think our terrible NET still means we have to win the Pac12 tournament to get into the big dance, but let's see where we stand if we sweep the mountain schools at Pauley this week...

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Got an email this morning saying that UCLA is hiring Deshaun Foster as football HC.

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