In the event that Bruin fans don't remember Dimitri, the 2005 team lost to Arizona, 52-14, and, after outpointing ASU 45-35, was edged out in a squeaker to the Toe Jams, 66-14.

It was OK, though, because Dorrell's troops evened up the season next week against a 7-5 Northworstern team, 50-38.

It's the similar performances this year against the 'Zona teams and the looming Toe Jams that spook me.

Exit question: do Toe Jams always loom?

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Usc fans and the media are INSUFFERABLE.

Get this win Bruins.

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I was not expecting to make a recap, and I wish it was under different circumstances. Nice write up.

Let’s beat SC and hope some other teams stumble down the stretch

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Ugh, that defense.

I believe that with solid players, good play calling, and excellent execution, you can have a very good offense. We have those things the vast majority of the time.

I believe you have to have legit talented playmakers, good discipline, and a smart scheme to have a very good defense. Unfortunately with the meh recruiting and inconsistent to bad coaching, we rarely have that. It was the difference at Oregon and against Arizona, and I'm not optimistic about Saturday.

Great writeup, Dimitri. Lucy and her football, Hades and his f***ing stone...they always show up, don't they?

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