"10 times for 57 yards and a touchdown, while catching seven passes for 46 yards"? I'm not impressed with Felton

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Chip Kelly is an incompetent coach! Fire him today!

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Greek-tragedy levels of ineptitude is an appropriate description. I feel more defeated knowing that:

1. this is year 3

2. azzinaro staying was pretty damning, so nothing is going to change at least this year

3. things may not change for the long haul due to the buyout situation.

those things make things feel a lot more bleak than it is on the football field. and right now, things on the football field are not good.

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I commend you for continuing another season of the Eye Test, Dimitri. It's about the most positive thing in our football program right now. I like the addition of the Preparedness component, too, though I don't think it has enough power on the overall grade. I could easily accept our unpreparedness dropping us from a C- past the D+ to a D or lower. I mean, when CU punts and we have a TV timeout plus a full play clock to snap the ball and still get a delay...man that's just bad JV high school football level bad.

DTR is a lot like my golf game used to be. I really had a lovely swing by all accounts, and with it I could scorch a drive 300 down the center of the fairway - one time out of ten. The rest were a variety of scuds and worm burners at any random angle from center. Now it's notable that I never took any actual lessons, relying on the theory that if I could hit a great drive once, I ought to be able to repeat it with some consistency. So it makes me wonder, in a parallel sort of way, whether DTR gets any legit coaching at all as his occasional great play is still neutralized by a whole lot of bad ones. This conundrum also applies to the OL, the linebackers, the corners, the pass rush...

I actually quit playing golf probably 15 years ago. Continuing to suck for the majority of the time I was on a course just wasn't any fun for me, and road biking was a whole lot more rewarding use of my free time. And that makes we wonder, in a parallel sort of way, why Chip is still torturing himself and all of the Bruin fan base along with him, by keeping at this job.

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