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At the start of the season, I thought DTR had made me eat my words...that he had developed and was a decent QB. That is no longer the case. Other teams will see that in him and take advantage.

I hope he's gone after this year. Let's hope Garber is a true QB and as good or better than his big bro.

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Hopefully we’ll break out of the win lose win lose win lose tomorrow. We’ll see.

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A very uninspiring win. I never thought UCLA was going to lose, but we should have dominated, not merely survived. Tracy Pierson at BRO had a good piece a couple of weeks ago about Bruins fans that said even with a good season (say 8-4), we’re over the Chip Kelly era. I think that sums it up.

Pragmatically, I don’t think we can fire Kelly this year with the 9M buyout, but I’d like to think Jarmond is starting a search now to have plenty of time to do due diligence and really research potential candidates. I don’t think Kelly makes it to the end of next season, but it would be nice to think we don’t wait until he’s gone to think about a new coach. (And if Kelly finds out and gets upset, he can waive the buyout and find the door).

[As a total aside, I think Kelly should go to the Nick Saban school of coaching resurrection. Can you imagine being OC at Alabama where you’re loaded with talent and a school that recruits itself?!]

Anyway, although it might not have been apparent in the first couple of games, it’s clear the Defense is a dumpster fire, which is a real indictment of Azz and the other coaches, especially considering every starter is a Senior.

I figure Washington is a coin flip and we end up 7-5.

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